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Brill Bruisers

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  1. Nizil
    Aug 26,  · Many reviewers have commented that Brill Bruisers is a return to form for the New Pornographers. Being a big fan of The Electric Version and Twin Cinema myself, I can echo this sentiment. Here are some track by track observations: 1. Brill Bruisers – You can tell from the opener that this is a change from Challengers and Together/5().
  2. Kajimi
    Aug 26,  · Brill Bruisers By. Will Hermes Will Hermes Reporter. Will Hermes's Most Recent Stories. The Best Albums of January Selena Gomez, Kesha, Halsey, and More.
  3. Daidal
    Aug 25,  · But Brill Bruisers feels like their most contemporary recording to date, and a great deal of credit for that lies with the person who, historically, has been the one least likely to be mentioned /
  4. Dit
    Jun 10,  · About “Brill Bruisers”. “Brill Bruisers” is the first single, and opening and titular track of The New Pornographer’s release.
  5. Maladal
    Brill Bruisers remedies that, in part by allowing the principles to feel present in every song. Neko Case has a tendency to steal the show with her blunt-force badassitude, but album standouts “Brill Bruisers”, “Fantasy Fools” and “Marching Orders” embrace all of the band’s voices, with members even occasionally exchanging vocal.
  6. Moogutaur
    The title of the New Pornographers power pop album Brill Bruisers is a reference to the 60's-era Brill Building studio sound. In the HBO series Vinyl, the fictitious record label American Century is headquartered in the Brill Building. Jack Dempsey's Broadway Restaurant was located in Brill Building's first floor on Broadway.
  7. Vull
    Brill Bruisers emphasizes these traits while melding each personality’s distinctive voice into a singular vision better than perhaps any record since Mass Romantic. “War on the East Coast” is a Bejar song, but aside from his manic voice, its wild arpeggios and ramshackle charm are as powerful a straightforward pop song Bejar has ever put /5.
  8. Kar
    The New Pornographers’ highly anticipated new album, Brill Bruisers, will be released August 25 on Matador Records. Brill Bruisers is the first new release in four years from the acclaimed supergroup, who have been called, “virtually peerless in the world of power-pop and indie-rock” by NPR Music.
  9. Barn
    Aug 26,  · Brill Bruisers 2 Champions of Red Wine 3 Fantasy Fools 4 War On the East Coast 5 Backstairs 6 Marching Orders 7 Another Drug Deal of the Heart 8 Born With a Sound (feat. Amber Webber) 9 Wide Eyes 10 .

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