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  1. Zulurr
    Apr 04,  · Senator Hyperthrust - a small senator from the outer rim who always has his trusted advisors on hand. Image size. xpx KB. Show More. See More by joncomms. Featured in collections. JonFreeman by ndo Jon Freeman Collection by Shuma-Gorath. Big by Blesinski. You Might Like Comments 9.
  2. Malabar
    A fairly trope-heavy series centered around Jesse Mach (played by Rex Smith), a police troubleshooter enlisted by the government to fight crime undercover on the superbike Street Hawk. Notable for its soundtrack by Tangerine Dream. Has a kickass opening theme song. A single season of thirteen episodes was made.
  3. Virg
    Sep 16,  · Hyperthrust (that one should be out of copyright by now, it's been two decades *plus* since that was used) Rocket Runner. Fast Forward. Mr. Bullet Time. Mystical and Mythical: Hermes. Mercury. Iris (rainbow messenger--best for females) Wind Dragon. Marathon ("Triathlon" is taken, but others of a track-and-field sort might not be) Animal names.
  4. Mugor
    The series is a Limekiln and Templar Production in association with Universal Television. Its central characters were created by Paul M. Belous and Robert "Bob" Wolterstorff, and its core format was developed by Bruce Lansbury, who had initially commissioned the program's creation.
  5. Jusida
    Directed by Virgil W. Vogel. With Rex Smith, Richard Venture, Jeannie Wilson, Joe Regalbuto. Jesse and Norman protect a beautiful Las Vegas showgirl who must get to a court house to testify against her mobster boyfriend, but she'll need every weapon at Street Hawk's disposal to make it .
  6. Taull
    the semi-rare disco version that hyperthrust is delivering here is not only about 4 minutes longer, it's also got a hard as nails synth breakdown with crazy bassline right in the middle, perfect for wild freestyle disco dance, a short escape from the paradise that is the DOLCE VITA. RYAN PARIS - .
  7. Dailkree
    The u/Hyperthrust_98 community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place.

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