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  1. Arashikazahn
    PREVIOUS HEXAGRAM Nearing Completion. NEXT HEXAGRAM 1: Creative Power. About I Ching Hexagrams. I Ching, the earliest known divination tool, uses 64 hexagrams to impart ancient wisdom in the modern world. I Ching hexagrams are figures comprised of six stacked horizontal lines, with each line representing Yin or Yang.
  2. Zull
    The 6-pointed star or Hexagram is a Masonic Symbol. It's non-masonic use was propagated during the 19th century by Freemasons into new congregation construction in Industrial Britain and then it's farflung empire. The Menorah, not the Hexagram is the true symbol of God's covenent with the Jewish people.
  3. Kazirn
    The meaning of a hexagram is decided by what two trigrams are paired in it, one above the other. For more about the eight trigrams, click the header. The 64 I Ching Hexagrams An I Ching hexagram is composed of two trigrams. Each of the 64 hexagrams has its own name, meaning, and divinatory text. Here they all are, in the traditional order.
  4. Mogul
    The hexagram is a simple geometric shape that has taken on various meanings in a number of religions and belief systems. The opposing and overlapping triangles used to create it often represent two forces that are both opposing and interconnected.
  5. Zulkigar
    Hexagram definition, a six-pointed starlike figure formed of two equilateral triangles placed concentrically with each side of a triangle parallel to a side of the other and on opposite sides of the center. See more.
  6. Voodoosida
    Hexagram definition is - a plane figure that has the shape of a 6-pointed star, that consists of two intersecting congruent equilateral triangles having the same point as center and their sides parallel, and that can be formed by constructing external equilateral triangles on the sides of a regular hexagon.
  7. Akinogrel
    Anthony: This hexagram usually indicates that we have a hidden doubt or fear. We may secretly disbelieve our path. NOTES AND PARAPHRASES. Judgment: Amid the changes of life the only constant is the psyche itself -- to be alive is to draw upon its energy. The ego’s challenge lies in the correct comprehension of its images.
  8. Feramar
    The Can Tong Qi (Triplex Unity) sees the hexagrams #1 Heaven and #2 Earth as cauldron and furnace and hexagrams #29 Mastering Pitfalls and #30 Fire as the medicinal ingredients. Therefore the rest of the remaining 60 hexagrams stand for the firing times. -- Yu Yan (13th c. .
  9. Shaktiran
    1. Having cast your hexagram, divide it into an upper and lower trigram (diagrams of three lines each). 2. The columns of the table describe the upper trigram and the rows describe the lower trigram (without any accents). 3. When you have located your hexagram in the table click on it to display its text.

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