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Old Gods

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  1. Zulkizilkree
    The Old Gods in the Arcia Chronicles, whose death at the hands of the invading Lightbringers ironically became their world's Start of Darkness. Mythology and Religion. There's the Titans in Greek Mythology. Before even them, there were the Protogenoi. Arguably, Izanami and Izanagi in Shintoist beliefs. They were the first humans, created by one.
  2. Kazrak
    rows · The Forgotten Old One, God of the Black Stone, Golgoroð: Appears as a gigantic, black, .
  3. Dalkis
    These Old Gods are often some type of Anthropomorphic Personification or Eldritch Abomination. In fact, they usually are in most mythologies. They also have a large overlap with Precursors, for gods at least.
  4. Jubei
    This is a list of characters who are Old Gods. If you find a character in the database that is not shown here, please edit that character's page adding "Old God" as their race using "AlienRace". See Also: The Old Gods gallery.
  5. Malazuru
    The Old Gods are Lovecraftian-like entities in the fictional universe of the Warcraft video game by Blizzard Entertainment.
  6. Vujin
    Dec 02,  · The Grumpy Old Gods are back in a delightfully spooky edition, volume 3. Sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, almost always grumpy, cranky, or cantankerous, these modern renditions of aging gods and goddesses will enliven the season and leave you wanting more. Grumpy Old Gods Anthologies Volumes Available Grumpy Old Gods Volume 1, 2 & 3.
  7. Fenrijin
    The Old Gods are described as intangible beings of thought and are said to reside in a realm of their own after leaving the Material Universe. Alice Quinn stated that while Gods like Ember would see Humans as toys to play with, the Old Gods see them as cells, and would only act if they became malignant.
  8. Goltizragore
    Shrines to the Old Gods is an anomaly event chain triggered by investigating the An Asteroid, Carved anomaly that can appear on asteroid celestial bodies. Uniquely among event chains Shrines to the Old Gods can lead to an empire shifting ethics.

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